Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Sunday, 17 January 2016

JOY to the world!

 After a very busy year for all four of us, it was a great JOY to be reunited as a family to spend Christmas together...

Having successfully graduated as PhD, Mark teaches undergraduates at Reading University in the chemistry department.  He has just been offered the chance to lecture in China for a week in March which should be very interesting...

The 8-legged 2-necked Siamese giraffe... or was it my glasses??

Ruth obtained her Masters Education degree from Hommerton College, Cambridge and continues to teach a primary school class in Islington, north London.

The last time we were all four together in Kisiizi was way back in 2005 so it was very special to meet up again in Kigali airport, Rwanda.  We took an extra day to visit the Akagera game park in eastern Rwanda and were thrilled to see not only the wonderful giraffes and elephants but even a beautiful leopard in a bush by the track.  It is rare to see leopards in daylight, and it stared at us for a moment before turning and strolling off into the bush... just a brief encounter but one of those magical moments we will all remember.
On to Kisiizi (had a puncture that could have been serious if it had happened a few minutes earlier, and within 2 minutes of stopping by the side of the road a colleague from Kisiizi drove up behind us!) and a few busy days... Hanna helping out on Maternity and organising Christmas lunch, and Ian was on call from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day for paediatrics  while Mark and Ruth were roped in to help with judging the annual Ward Competition and presenting the results at the Staff Christmas Party, an extraordinary event where over 700 had a good hot meal and Ian gave a "state of Kisiizi" presentation.  All went well and after Ian preached at the Christmas Day service we enjoyed having our Medical Officers and Interns for Christmas lunch...
Mark viewing the volcanoes

Then we took some days off to enjoy some of the beauty of the region on our way to return Mark and Ruth to Kigali airport.  We were blessed to see some amazing animals and breath-taking scenery and by the time we said our goodbyes had filled the memory-banks for some time to come and thank God for such a special time together with safe travel and good weather.

not just any chameleon... a Rwenzori three-horned male chameleon!

We managed to get back to Kisiizi 15 minutes before the New Year began so were with the excited crowd on the Primary School playground for the traditional countdown...

Reflecting on the beauty all around!

Ruth and Hanna

Together again!