Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

All Nations

time for a trip down memory lane... having been in Macclesfield for a few days juggling appointments for ourselves at the dentist/optician/GP etc and for the car for MOT etc plus helping sort out final drafts for the application to THET for a grant for Kisiizi, it was time to head to London to help Ruth move from one location to another.  She has a room in a house about 25 minutes walk from the school in Islington where she works as a Primary School Teacher.  In addition to this she has also been working on her Masters' Thesis with Homerton College, Cambridge and we have shared in this joyful process by reading proofs etc rather than wasting our time on secondary activities like sleeping!  But its pretty well ready to hand in as we write this and its looking to be an interesting and engaging thesis.

so, after the move, we headed up the A10 to retrace our historical footsteps as we attended a CMS conference held at All Nations where we had studied decades ago just before we were married.

It was a good few days of interaction with some inspiring people and some good sessions, not least the masterful session led by Martin Goldsmith who remains as stimulating and provactive as ever!

We enjoyed a walk in the countryside and will take back photos of the fields to amaze friends in Kisiizi!

Then on to stay with Jonathan Jones and his family... his daughter Georgie came for a couple of months in her Gap Year and Jonathan, an orthopaedic surgeon, came for the first couple of weeks and left with a desire to help us develop orthopaedic services in Kisiizi... so we really enjoyed meeting the rest of the family and, as a wonderful bonus, Peter and Rebecca Winfrey with daughter Lizzy also came up to see us so a good time of catch up was enjoyed by all.

We do thank God for the amazing family of Kisiizi that extends to many parts of the world and allows Kisiizi to continue its extraordinary ministries...

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