Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Saturday, 14 February 2015

All change...

It doesn't take too much in Kisiizi to be an excuse for a party or at least a cake to share... but recently we have had a lot of comings and goings...


We were sorry to say goodbye to Dr. Lynne Speirs, a paediatric registrar who worked with us for a number of months as part of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Global Links scheme.  This link has now been in place for a couple of years and has proved very valuable for Kisiizi and has given these doctors valuable and varied experience.
Ian, Lynne & Dr. Paul, our intern
 Other interns have completed their rotations including Dr. Treasure who was in the first group able to do the full year as Dr. Dwight McLeod joined us in August as Consultant Physician allowing us to add General Medicine to the existing specialties of General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Paediatrics.  We also said goodbye to Godwin who has been in-charge of our laboratory for some years.
Dr Treasure (right) saying goodbye in Chapel

Dr. Charlie, Consultant Psychiatrist from New Zealand with his wife Cecelia

 Charlie & Cecelia said goodbye after a couple of months with us. Charlie provided valuable input to Psychiatry working with Sister Nancy and her team whilst Cecelia took many photographs and will be putting together a "coffee table" book illustrating aspects of Kisiizi which will be called A World of Difference -the design is still to be put together and we look forward to the finished item.

Rev. Patrick & Karen

However, the biggest change was to say farewell to Rev. Patrick Bagorogo and his wife Karen who have served in Kisiizi as Hospital Chaplain and Mothers' Union lead for many years.  As well as his principal role as Hospital Chaplain, Patrick also acted as Finance Manager for a period of time when there was a vacancy.  Karen was involved in many roles providing spiritual input to Children's Ward, and supporting the goat project which helps very poor families to have a better chance of feeding their children.

Sr. Nancy presents a gift at the big Farewell Party
Student Nurse presents gift in Chapel farewell for all the Staff

Final goodbyes before driving off (with Moses Mugume, left)


Sister Ruth has returned to Kisiizi after six months in Kampala having successfully completed training in Ultrasonography.  This will greatly improve the imaging department services as for a while Proscovia was the only full time sonographer.  

We are also training Bedad, previously our Orthopaedic Assistant, in a degree in Imaging which lasts four years but will mean in the end we will have a highly trained lead for the department.

Drs. Dash and Emily, Anaesthetic Registrar and GP respectively, join us with the Uganda Maternal and Newborn Hub link.  We are grateful for their support in theatre, developing high dependency care and maternity department support as well as helping with the introduction of more comprehensive triage as we open up the new Accident and Emergency area in our Out-Patient department.

We are delighted to welcome Francis Orishaba, a graduate Biomedical Scientist, to be our new In-Charge of the Laboratory services.  

This comes at a good time as we have just installed a range of new equipment to go up a gear in the support services offered to clinicians and improve our diagnostic and monitoring capabilities.
see    Lab Upgrade post on hospital website

We also look forward to another USA Peace Corps volunteer, Jennifer, joining us in March as a Pharmacist to work with Barbara and Sandra, our Pharmacy Technicians.  This is also excellent timing as we are re-configuring our stores and introducing a new IT system called Stre@mline.

The new Staff Room is in the old bank building
We were excited to receive our new chaplain, Reverend Joshua Bwebale with his wife Jocelyn.  She is working with Radio Rukungiri whilst Joshua has a range of experience having worked as a teacher, pastor and more recently as a specialist counsellor for patients with HIV.

We had an initial welcome cup of tea in our new staff room and then a welcome lunch party on Saturday as they arrived.

Welcome Tea in new Staff Room
Rev. Joshua and Jocelyn Bwebale

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