Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Monday, 22 December 2014

Feel like a walk?

Join us for an hour's walk up the path behind Kisiizi up the hills to look at the area and to look back down on Kisiizi nestling at the head of a valley...

"Rent a crowd" is always immediately available!
meet with us some of the lovely children who seem to be able to spot us coming very rapidly.  You will note how we live in a very poor community.
a typical homestead on a hill side with banana plantations around

making new friends
Children have to work to help their families, here they are collecting firewood for cooking, this is relatively light work compared to fetching water from springs which can be very hard work.

Here looking back to Kisiizi we see how it lies in the head of a valley in the Kigezi highlands.  The hospital is about 5,500 feet above sea level so although near the equator the climate is generally pleasant and not too humid.

Of course, being in hills means we can get a lot of rain but sometimes the clouds themselves are beautiful to behold...

typical homestead with corrugated iron roof and mud walls

spot the boy high in the tree...
There are more plantations of trees as economically timber is valuable

Hello again!

 As we return towards Kisiizi we see the hospital laid out before us.  The roundabout is in front of the Chapel which is at the centre of the original building that previously housed a flax factory.  The two storey building seen to the right is the Maternity ward upstairs and Children's ward below.  Behind the old flax building the blue/green roof is the new hydro-electricity generator house.  In the foreground on the right is the isolation and medical ward block  with the new mothers waiting home to the right and the rehabilitation hostel nearest the camera.
Just to the left of the middle of the foreground is a greenish roof - this building used to be a bank but is now housing the Staff Room and the Records and Data department.

As always we are amazed that, as we have often said, if you flew over Kisiizi and blinked you would miss it as geographically its quite small.  But now with the mothers waiting home taking us up to 284 beds and more activity and training going on, Kisiizi is having an ever growing influence near and far.

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