Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Sunday, 17 August 2014

labour of love...

Mothers come long distances to have their babies in Kisiizi... one reason why Hanna is so busy!  Sadly there have been times where, especially at night, women have gone into labour and failed to find transport to come to Kisiizi.  We have had a couple of tragedies where mothers have died prior to arrival here and other times where they have come in at death's door.
overcrowded maternity ward

In addition, we have overcrowding on our maternity ward at times making it well nigh impossible to practice good infection control measures.

The rear aspect gives a pleasant outlook and we plan to plant trees & flowers

The response to this has been to build a Mothers' Waiting Home with support from our friends in Kisiizi Partners and we are delighted to see the building nearing completion.

It will provide comfortable and safe accommodation to allow mothers with known risks to wait here so that when they go into labour they can move  promptly to the maternity ward without any delay.
new beds in a bay in the Mothers' waiting home

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