Window on Kisiizi

Window on Kisiizi

Sunday, 23 February 2014



This poor lad was very unfortunate – he managed to be bitten by a snake – on his head!
He was sleeping and must have rolled over at the wrong moment and the snake bit his scalp.  He woke up and cried in the dark.  His parents came to see what was wrong and he told them he had been stung by an insect. So they left him and it wasn’t until the morning that the true culprit was seen and dealt with… by which time the boy was swelling up rapidly.

He came to Kisiizi and thankfully we had supplies of the anti-snake venom antidote. 
 He received three ampoules as well as steroids, anti-histamines, tetanus toxoid and antibiotics as he kept on swelling up.

 Happily he did not develop any major complications and stabilised and then slowly recovered.

The next problem was his parents when they heard the cost of the antidote – it is 400,000 Uganda Shillings an ampoule [about £100] (you will understand the cost if you read up how the antidote is obtained – someone has to “milk” the venom from a snake who presumably may not be too pleased about the experience!)

So having been faced with the prospect of their six year old son dying, the parents now faced the potential of having to sell vital land on which their future depended.


But, wonderfully, some members of a UK church who happened to be visiting Kisiizi that day, heard their story and very generously paid the costs of his bill, much to the relief and excitement of the family.

 Here he is with the swelling reducing but still somewhat bemused by the whole affair!

The story is a good illustration of God’s love reaching out to a vulnerable family in Kisiizi.  We really appreciate the prayers and support of many friends, those visiting and those far away.


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